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We want you to know about Massivit happenings around the world …


Our press release on the great success we have experienced since launching the Massivit 1800 in Drupa, has gained nice coverage in the media.

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NTG, our distributor in Italy have participated in Viscom Italy and sold the first system in Italy.

• Our distributor in Korea – Kostech – have participated in a show in Korea exhibiting Massivit 1800 displays.
• Our distributor in Hong Kong – Media By Phone – have made an open house to his customers exposing them to the Massivit 1800.
• Our distributor in Scandinavia – Visutech – also had an open house a short while ago, with more than 30 people coming to watch the Massivit 1800 in action in their stunning demo room.


Samples of Massivit on Viscom 2016  with NTG.

Something about our happy customers…

Omus our customer in Melbourne, Australia has finalized an amazing project creating a huge Pop-Up store for Luis Vuitton. To turn around this mega project, he had to work around the clock 7 days a week non stop. And even then it was not enough, so he joined forces with CI, our customer in Sydney who as well worked on the project in extended shift of 12 hours including over the weekend. The result is amazing, as you can see from the below picture.



This is our first communication – please let us know what you think about it.
We will try to make this a bi-weekly routine, so feed us with stories to let everyone know.
If there were stories that have happened in the last couple of weeks, that we have left out – please receive our apologies for neglecting to include them.

Let’s make it BIG, Together!


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